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Soaring Spirits - The Story

Copywrited by all the authors who have written the story. All rights reserved. Do not use this story on any webpages without permission.

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Just Outside FireStone Weyre: Confrontation
FireStone Weyre: Energy Storm
Starbright Weyre: Hello?

(SS) Just Outside FireStone Weyre: Confrontation

[Lindsay (Annwn/Selenae) Wrote:] Pure energy sluiced through the air. Lifting up his sable nose, BlackHunter sniffed cautiously about for the source of such power. For days now, he had been searching for some soft, living creature of subsantial size to satisfy his blood lust, but the best he could come up with was a rather large Shaffria. It was around the size of a pig, but still, the blood of sentients was far more tasty.

Moving through the trees like monkeys and shadows, the vampyre dragon felt the tug of energy growing stronger, enveloping him in unreachable power. He felt himself salivating, but held back, eager to get a better feel for his potential prey.

He pulled back a small copse of thorn branches warily, ignoring the fierce sting of the thorns piercing his paws. A lifetime had taught him his skin regenerated as easily as one might put on their clothes in the morning. Blinking back surprise, BlackHunter fairly stared at the sight that greeted his eyes.

A ravishing female human/dragon stood in the clearing, a tiny animal at her side. *Shaffria,* he thought in disgust, and quickly pushed the creature from his mind. However, the female wasn't as easy to cast off. Not only was she alluring and utterly beautiful . . . she was part energy dragon. The rarity of her breed astonished him as well as made him blissfully happy. Her blood would be rich, charged . . . he nearly burst upon her then, but stopped.

Strapped to her back was a rosewood stave. Cringing inwardly, BlackHunter gently caught up a wisp of consciousness that sluiced off her long enough to learn her name. "Zarsha," he whispered, the name rolling off is tongue like raindrops on the wind. Starting, he realized he had spoken far louder than he would have liked. It would definitely be a bad thing if she heard . . . but then again, he wanted her to hear so badly it ached

[Amber (Zarsha) Wrote:] Zarsha turned and looked right at him as the Shaffria queeked and hid under her long black cloak. _Valis has always been really shy, even for a Shaffria_ Zarsha thought with a smile. "Come on out now, I know your there. There'll be no use still trying to ambush me!" Zarsha said coldly. She waited a momment listening very carefully... Nothing. Looking down into her cloak at Valis she said, "I can't be going senile already, Could I?" Frowning she decided to walk over to the thron bushes.

[Lindsay (Annwn/Selenae) Wrote:] Cursing inwardly, BlackHunter peered at the young woman warily. _I have to act,_ he thought nervously, _staff or no staff, Zarsha is mine!_

With that, the vampyre leaped out from his hiding place a thousand times more quickly than a normal dragon, far too fast for Zarsha to react. Hissing balefully and unhappy he will not be able to take his time, BlackHunter moves in for the kill.

Suddenly, a tiny ray of silver light swishes through the glade and embeds itself in the vampyre's throat with a sickening crunch. Screaming in white-hot fury, BlackHunter pulls out the knife and looks disabeleivingly at the streams of dark, steaming hot blood flowing over his claws. Glancing over at Zarsha with fire in his eyes, the vampyre skids away in the bushes. *You have made an enemy this day, young one,* he mindspeaks to her before wrenching his thought pattern free from the area.

Looking slightly dazed, another figure moves from the copse, short, slim and shaking. His black eyes look almost dead, though his raven hair shines brightly, and he is clearly elven. "Warrior," he begins, looking over her with an apprehensive eye, "my name is Annwn of the Hylander Tarn. I heard something moving and came to investigate . . ." He pauses to sweep some hair from his eyes and seems to regain his composure somewhat. I'm sure you could have handled most vampyres yourself, but that one," he gestures to the shaking thicket, "is trouble. He has been stalking this area for several days now."

He pauses again, a ray of doubt in his eyes. "I suppose you're looking for food, drink, a place to stay for the night? I can take you to a friend of mine, I suppose . . . what say you?"

[Amber (Zarsha) Wrote:] _I should of heard him in the bushes... He was so quiet.. How could I slip up so badly?_ Zarsha thought to herself in dismay. Valis poked his little nose out from under Zarsha's cloak, but not for long, as soon as he layed eyes on Annwn he sqeaked and returned to his safe haven under her cloak. "You'r eyes" Zarsha said astonished, "I've never seen eyes like ... Oh I'm sorry I forget myself! My name is Zarsha" She quickly put on a charming smile. "You must be my hero, Annwn is it?" "Angel" she muttered under her breath. "and this" she said pulling Valis out from under her cloak "is Valis, and I am hardly a warrior. Just a traviller... I do recall you saying something about food, water and a place to stay? But really now you shouldn't burden your friends with me or they may not be your friends tomarrow. I guess that forcess me to only accept if you allow me to stay at your place?" She said as she gracfully moved in closer to Annwn.

[Lindsay (Annwn/Selenae) Wrote:] Annwn blushed a little, his wax white skin momentarily taking on a rosy glow. _Why are you acting this way?_ he chided himself. _She's just a woman, a no-good one at that by the look of things._

"An excellent suggestion, lady," he replied, his strange eyes twinkling, "if you mind not the roughness of Hylander Tarn. You misjudge my friend, she cares not for extra mouths to feed. Needless to say, her weyre has abundant goods!" He smiled a little, then continued, "however, I do have a pet of my own waiting for me at my tent. It would probably be best for me to be getting on." Motioning to Zarsha, he moved out into the thicket, talking as he went.

"I'd advise being careful once we've reached our destination, the Tarn is mostly human men and they might have trouble resisting . . . err . . . a lady such as you. In the morning I can set you once again on your way. I wouldn't advise being on your own at night again." Annwn's eyes glazed over for a moment, but then he started and they cleared. "BlackHunter does not like to be deceived."

After a moment, a small encampment of colorful tents came into view, teeming with people, dragons and others either part of the Tarn or just hear for entertainment. Annwn smiled in Zarsha's direction. "Does it suit you? It is not to late to turn back."

[Becky (Astarta) Wrote:] Astarta had been watching the whole scene with the vampyre, Annwn, and Zarsha. He wasn't sure he should make himself known either. Secretly he'd been watching every move they had made. He didn't like the energy that hung in the air. He had two reasons. One, Rakk, his Zousa didn't like it and two it made his hair stand up. He hated it when his hair stood up like that. He was constantly brushing it down. Astarta shook his head, clearing it of silly thoughts. Rakk was bristling the whole time as they silently moved after the elven guy and the energy woman. One more thing that got on his nerves was the fact that this 'Annwn' guy was elven. His family had had a lot of elven servants. It was one of those servents that got Astarta kicked out of the family. Astarta narrowed his eyes, staring after the two. He began to wonder just why he was following them. If he had any sense at all he'd leave and not come back. He pushed his way through a thorny bush, ignoring the little claws of the plant as they pulled at his pants. For some unknown reason, Rakk let out a loud bark. It surprised Astarta. As he turned around to give the Zousa a piece of his mind, he tripped and went sprawling out of the bushes. He landed with a loud -thump-. He raised his head and gathered his wits, then realized he was staring at Annwn and Zarsha. "I'm going to kill that Zousa." he said. He somehow got the feeling he was in trouble now...

[Lindsay (Annwn/Selenae) Wrote:] Quick as a flash Annwn pulled out his brilliant silver knife and holds it out in front of him cautiously. His eyes burned in fury and a little in fright, making him seem like an entity freshly raised from the cript. He let out a long, low whistle and immediatly a short black shape came bounding up from the Tarn below. It was an Ika Lai, with teeth bared and red stomach flashing.

"Who are you," he hissed, "and of what manner? Speak up, before my blade does it for you." With this, he glanced warily towards Zarsha. *And for that manner, who are you?* he asks her telepathically, blushing to realize he was about to let an absolute stranger into his home.

[Amber (Zarsha) Wrote:] *I am Zarsha, a lonely traveller whom owes you her life although it really isn't much of one,* Zarsha replied telepathically, looking sadly up at Annwn with her emerald green eyes. If it wasn't for the stave strapped to her back and the knife at her thigh, she would have looked as helpless as a new born lamb. Then again, earlier with BlackHunter, she had the look and stance of death himself.

***Lindsay Add in: Her charm calms him for a moment, but just as he is about to reply with kindly words:

[Becky (Astara) Wrote:] Astarta, who was never afraid of anything, wanted to laugh in Annwn's face. "Your blade will do nothing for me. I am Astarta Fireburn Rosecrest, the bounty hunter.

***Lindsay Add in: "Astarta . . . I meet you at last . . ." Annwn whispered, letting his knife drop to the ground in a shower of glittering rain. _Why did Selenae ever allow this vagabond in the vicinity, let alone her weyre?!_ Growing silent, Annwn stood and took the punishment of the stinging words, gritting his teeth in agony and anger.
*End Add in

***Amber Add in:
_Some Bounty Hunter_ Zarsha thought in disgust _Falling out of bushes and looking terribly the fool. It gives the rest of us a bad name! but then again, I recognize his name.. I wonder where from..._
*End Add in

"Perhaps you've heard of me. You're kind got me kicked out of the Rosecrest family. My own flesh and blood parents threw me out! All because one of the elven servents had seen me kill a Lord." Astarta growled.

***Lindsay Add in: *That is not my concern. Don't condemn an entire race because of the actions of one; I of all people know that some Lords have it coming,* Annwn answers telepathically, and then allows Astarta to go on:
*End Add in:

He leaped to his feet, ignoring the Ika Lai. Rakk would jump on the smaller animal with one signal from Astarta if need be.

Astarta dusted himself off and shifted the Rosewood stave so the two could see it better and the quiver of arrows. He stood as tall as he could, pretending not to be embarassed by his fall. Luckily he had nothing but bruised pride.

***Amber Add in: Zarsha tighted her grip on the iron knife that was strapped to her thigh and moved into a better stance for fighting in case the need arose.
*End Addin:

"Shouldn't little elves be off picking mushrooms somewhere, not saving dragon ladies? You should let real men do that." Astarta said. He knew he was treading on dangerous ground, but he couldn't stop himself. He gloated as he waited for the next remark.

***Amber Addin: "And you think you ARE a real man?" Zarsha said with a laugh _Oh, but he is,_ Zarsha thought to herself, _I don't belive I've ever met a human man that was so alluring in my life._ Resisting urges to kiss him right then,and hoping no one noticed the change in her mood, Zarsha gave herself a quick shake.
*End Addin:

[Lindsay (Selenae/Annwn) Wrote:] Annwn's dead bright eyes glittered coldly as he stared the proud bounty hunter in the face. Astarta felt a dull, stinging pain emerge from his temples and spread over his body, immobilizing him temporarily. "Do not push me, 'bounty hunter'," Annwn spat out vehemenantly, his eyes dancing with ice and fire, "I leave you unharmed now because you are under the protection of a friend dear to my heart, but once in awhile my anger overspills so that even I may not control it. As to the lady . . . " he glanced over at Zarsha, "I care not under whose protection she falls. I doubt she even needs protection at all."

He released Astarta from the weak bonding spell, speaking a few words under his breath. "I !will not! battle with you further, Astarta of Rosecrest. Take your worthless pride and animal and go." With this, the angry Annwn folded his arms and stared death at Astarta. Apparently, there was more to this gentle bard than at first sight, although the spell he cast could be absolved by the lowest form of mage.

(SS)FireStone Weyre: Energy Storm

Selenae shifted uncomfortably in the corner of her living space. Some quality to the air, a metallic tang to the quality of it, made her wary. Besides that, electricity hummed through her conductive claws and blood, making her antsy. "H'lajj?" she called, trying to pinpoint the location of the two energy dragons of the weyre, "T'kira?" However, there was no response, leaving Selenae alone in her misgivings.

Suddenly, a peal of thunder errupted from her side, and Selenae whipped her golden head about to determine its source. _Another storm . . .,_ she thought unhappily, _a few miles away, and closing fast._

Working quickly, she slithered out of the hall and broadcasted a telepathic message to all four corners of the weyre, warning the members under her care to stay inside for the next few hours. Within seconds, replies came trickling in from everyone . . . except one person. Worried, Selenae looked about from side to side, sending her heart's brails out into the charged environment, searching. *Astarta,* she mindsung across the island, *where are you? Come back, quickly, with everyone you can find . . . unless you'd !rather! stay out all night against the electrical storm.*

She sighs quietly, burdened with the responsibility of providing for everyone's safety . . . although by all means Astarta could probably care for himself. _But I'm not having a dead body on my conscience!_ she told herself fiercly. _Humans are such fragile creatures, you never know what they can withstand._

(SS) Just Outside FireStone Weyre: Confrontation

[Becky (Astarta) Wrote:] Astarta winced as he was released from the spell. !See, you shouldn't mess with elven people like that.! he thought to himself. He had deserved that. Suddenly he was recieving a telepathic message. There was an energy storm over FireStone weyre. *Do you feel that? We have to get to FireStone quick!* he thought to Annwn. Once again, the energy made him nervous.

***Lindsay Addin: Annwn looked about, and sniffed carefully, the quarrel temporarily forgotten. *Energy storm,* he telepathed back, *we should get under cover. Hylander Tarn has become temporarily non existant.* He gestured down the hill, bringing to Astarta's attention the fact that the residents and pleasure-seekers had all seemed to disappear into the caves beyond. *I'm warning you though, if you try anything . . . * Annwn trailed off, leaving the rest of the sentence to Astarta's imagination.
*End Addin

"This is no time to stand here, the sky is getting dark, I think we should go. Selenae is calling." Astarta said.

[Lindsay (Selenae/Annwn) Wrote:] "Astarta is right, lady," Annwn concurred, holding out one arm for Zarsha, and then, thinking different, withdrawing. "I shall try to make a run for the caves, but it may be better for you and the other to go to FireStone. I will join you when the weather permits." He pauses and grins, white teeth flashing. "No offence to either of you, but an elfin is quicker on his feet than humans of the same age." He turns and speeds down the hill, the Ika Lai a black blur at his feet. *Farewell, Zarsha,* he telepaths to the young bounty hunter, *and good luck.* Before she has time to figure out what he means, or indeed reply at all, he is gone.

[Amber (Zarsha) Wrote:] _Elven males, will I ever understand them? . . . Now that I think about it, I'm unsure if I could possibly understand any males for that matter,_ Zarsha thought to herself. "I guess that just leaves us and Astarta" Zarsha mummbled to Valis, although not truly expecting an answer from the Shaffria.

Forgetting what manners she could possibly obtain after being exiled from many cities and forced to become a traveller, let alone being a thief and, bounty hunter, Zarsha took flight, knowing she could get to the weyre faster by air then land. However, she then realized how rude she was being, or maybe it was the fact she hated being in weyres and cities due to her past experiences and by no means wanted to get there any faster then need be.

"I'm very sorry I forget myself, well not myself my manners really..." Zarsha's felt her cheeks getting hotter as they changed from white into a rosey color. _Oh, I hope he didn't notice that,_ Zarsha thought and gave her face a quick rub. "Well I guess we better be off before the storm hits us".

[Becky (Astarta) Wrote:] Astarta looked at Zarsha, truly uncertain of what to do next. For a moment, he stared at her, thinking that she looked lovely. He saw the rosy blush, thinking it made her look even prettier. He also saw her embarassment, so he made no comment.

"Doesn't matter, being a bounty hunter myself, I seem to have forgotten my manners, if I ever had any. Let's go, I have no urge to be caught in this storm. Selenae worries about everyone's safety, as she has to protect those who live at FireStone. Have you met Selenae Steelclaw?" Astarta asked. He whistled to Rakk, forgetting his anger at the Zousa. He began walking briskly, as fast as his long legs would carry him, hoping Zarsha could keep up with him.

[Amber (Zarsha) Wrote:] "Selenae Steelclaw? I don't belive I have, I've never been inside FireStone Weyre before..." Zarsha replied, as she stumbled a little while trying to keep up. _And a good thing too. If I had ever been there, I probably would have been exiled by now. Then I would 'have' to trust my luck with the storm,_ Zarsha thought to herself. _I will definatley try and put on my good manners._

"So... Umm... Why were you watching us back there anyways?" Zarsha said, trying to make conversation to take her mind off having to enter a the weyre. Just as Astarta began to reply, Zarsha interupted him and stoped dead in her tracks "Is that . . . is that FireStone Weyre?" The fear flooded Zarsha again far worse then before. _I can't enter that weyre, what if someone from a different weyre recognizes me? After all, people travel all the time right?_ Zarsha thought to herself, then a little courage came back to her. _I have to or I will most likely die out here._
***Becky Add in: "That's FireStone alright. The place I'd call home." he paused, a sardonic grin on his face. "Who am I kidding? I don't have a home. Never really did. People have a hard time accepting a murdering bounty hunter." Just then, Astarta could feel Zarsha's fear. She was stiff and afraid. _Not just a bounty hunter then, are you?_ he thought. *End Add in

Zarsha took Astarta's hand _Well at least I don't have to go in alone,_ Zarsha thought looking up at Astarta with her emerald eyes. She laughed to herself, _but I don't even know this man... I hope he doesn't think I'm strange._ Zarsha began to blush once more.

[Becky (Astarta) Wrote:] Astarta raised an eyebrow as Zarsha took his hand. Wonder of wonders she had beautiful eyes! He couldn't very well take his hand away from hers. He opened his mouth, about to blurt out how beautiful she was and how she shouldn't have to be a thief and bounty hunter, that she should be sitting in a Lord's home somewhere with servants to wait on her hand and foot.

Instead, he shut his mouth, blushed and pulled her along. "I don't know about you, but I'm ready to get somewhere safe and dry." he said gruffly.

[Lindsay (Selenae) Wrote:] Sighting two, slight humaniod figures approaching, Selenae squinted and waved frantically in their direction. The fore-storm crackled with such violent electricity Selenae worried not only for the two exposed human's safety, but indeed that of the entire weyre structure and those within it. _This one is going to be big . . ._ she thought, shaking her head. Suddenly, a wave of fear washed through her. _Annwn! Wasn't he around the area of the glade? With . . . BlackHunter??_ She glanced nervously to and fro. _Weyre first, I haven't the energy to communicate with him right now. I shall see how he has fared at the end of the storm . . . if he managed to get under shelter . . ._

Fighting back fright, Selenae bit her lip and bounded up towards the two figures. "Astarta . . ." she glanced towards the newcomer, "you, get under cover. This one is going to be a storm to top all storms. The weyre is just there, of course, I fear we may not have an extra room for friend Astarta, she can choose to stay with me if she likes," she continued with an almost motherly air. Though Selenae looked to be only eighteen, she had the countenance of one who had lived centuries.

[Amber (Zarsha) Wrote:] "Thank you for your generous offer, Selenae, right?" Zarsha said.

***Lindsay Add in: Selenae smiled and nodded. "You can call me that if you wish, any name is alright with me. Especially if you grow to know me better." *End Add in:

Zarsha continued, "but I think I had better decline, for my shaffria that is, he's very shy and has gone through a lot today. I think it'd be better, for him, if we stayed with someone he knew a little better."

***Lindsay Add in: "Of course! Pets govern your life from time to time, don't they? My fyrelizards a bit more outgoing . . ." Selenae glances to the three bronze shapes hiding behind her, "most of the time . . . but they do have their own quirks." *End Add in:

Zarsha looked over at Astarta "If it's alright with you of course? I can sleep on the floor I really won't be much of a bother, and after all the floor would be more comfortable then what I'm used to traveling."

***Becky Add in: Astarta cleared his throat in surprise, but nodded. "I don't mind. In fact, you can have the bed, I'll sleep on the floor. It doesn't bother me." *End Add in:

[Lindsay (Selenae) Wrote:] "If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask. Ast can show you around later, and the grand meeting hall is just inside the doors if you'd care to meet some dragons from the weyre. Your name sounds a bit familiar, perhaps someone has mentioned you." She shrugs. "No matter. I have the highest assurance from Ast's patronage that you will not harm this weyre," Selenae added firmly, her sea-green eyes boring a hole through the young bounty hunter.

[Becky (Astarta) Wrote:] Astarta wondered what he was doing. This wasn't for the sake of any shaffria. He'd just given up his bed! _I must be nuts!_ he thought. Then something else came to mind.

"Selenae, have you seen Tal? I haven't seen the little fyrelizard since this morning. It's not like him to just disappear. Rakk has been with me, but not Tal." Astarta was suddenly worried. Had a vampyre gotten the fyrelizard? He hoped not.

[Lindsay (Selenae) Wrote:] -Fright, worriedness- Selenae sensed from Astarta. She wished she could lay a comforting talon on his shoulder, perhaps ease his mind, but that might have hurt his pride. "I wouldn't worry, Astarta," she said as gently as she could, "nobeast would care enough to harm such a stringy, unappetizing morsel as a fyrelizard unless they deliberately wished to worry you. The only thing your pet has to face is the storm -- and the rescourcefulness of the fyrelizard breed has been proved to me thrice over." Despite her words, she looked worried, and turned from Astarta with a wrinkled brow.

***Becky Add in: "Wished to worry me?" Astarta repeated, his eyes widening. He thought of the horrible things that anyone could have done to Tal.
*End Add in

Switching to Inay-accented English, <> the young moonsinger called her three fyrelizards to her. "Manak, Jooly, Hissa, have you seen Tal? Anwhere?"

*No, Selly,* Hissa answered her, frowning and rubbing against her mistress' scales.

*Gone . . . maybe look for Astatty,* Manak interjected. *Bad thing happen. No good dragon come. Black power!* The fyrelizard squeaked unhappily and buried his snout in the leaves.

Selenae whirled to look at Zarsha. Could she be mistaken for a dragon by the fyrelizards? She certainly had the tail and the wings . . . or was it someone else? "A bad dragon? Who? Zarsha?"

The fyrelizards looked at her, bepuzzled. *Bad . . . Zaaaaa-rrrrsa?* struggled Hissa.

"Never mind, its of no importance. I can handle this myself," she answered languidly, secretly thinking to bring the newcomer before her partner in leadership. _Silverthorne knows much . . . she's been all over the island, and even to K'lash. If anyone would know Zarsha, she would._

Frowning, Selenae continued, "I thank you, my friends. If you see Tal, tell him to come home immediatly. Astarta . . . I mean, Astatty is worried." The fyrelizards nodded and disappeared, squealing good-naturedly as they tramped through the bushes in play.

"They haven't seen Tal," she shrugged, "but I wouldn't worry about it. If worse comes to worse I'll sing him home for you. Come, Zarsha, let's get you settled in . . . I'll take you to meet my partner and then perhaps a tour? You could be spending a day or two here."

[Amber (Zarsha) Wrote:] "It would be an honor meeting your partner, but I would like to turn down the tour, if I may. I plan on leaving as soon as the storm breaks. I have . . ." Zarsha paused, "matters of much importance that desperately need my attention.

***Becky Add in: Astarta shook his head, clearing bad thoughts away.

"Really, you should meet Silverthorne. Do you really have to leave as soon as the storm ends? FireStone Weyre is a wonderful place," he said.

_What are you saying?_ he wondered.
*End Add in

***Lindsay Add in: "Of course, if you need to leave, you must. I hope that the storm breaks soon enough for you to go on your way in time," Selenae stated, punctuating her comment with a glance towards the crackling skies. *End Add in

Plus . . . I'm afraid," Zarsha paused again, trying to pick the right words, "that if I were to meet more dragons here and they all were as nice and friendly as you I might be tempted to stay." Zarsha bowed, unsure how to act in front of a weyre leader.

***Becky Add in: "That's dumb!" Astarta blurted out.

"Oops, sorry." he apologized. He glanced at Selenae to see her reaction. *End Add in

***Lindsay Add in: Selenae raised her eyebrows at Astarta, but didn't reply. She had another matter on her mind;

_And this is a bad thing?_ Selenae thought to herself, frowning a little. Yet, she didn't voice her comments aloud. _By no means should I scare her off!_ Instead, she smiled and nodded, replying, "My thanks for the compliment, although I hardly consider myself worthy." *End add in

She then turned to Astarta and said, "I'm sure Tal is going to be alright." Then she smiled at him. Realizing she was still holding Astarta's hand, and even tighter than before, she let it go . . . but it was hard for her to let go.
***Becky Add in: Astarta had forgotten her grip on his hand, and he almost didn't let go either. *End Add in
She did not want to meet Selenae's partner _What if she recognizes me?_ Zarsha thought, but could find no way out of it.

[Lindsay (Selenae) Wrote:] "Well, we should be getting inside as soon as possible," Selenae interjected, wincing a little. "The storm is nearly here . . . and the electrical charges are getting quite painful for me." The golden dragon's tail tapped on the ground in masked agony, though her face was composed. None of the other creatures seemed to be in any kind of pain, however, and even Zarsha and Astarta felt no change. Swirling about, Selenae slithered gracefully into the nearby cave entrance, gesturing for her comrades to follow.

[Becky (Astarta) Wrote:] Astarta knew that his dragon friend was in pain, but he said nothing. _Poor Selenae,_ he thought. He looked at Zarsha and pointed after the golden dragon.

"Ladies first." he said, smiling. _Tal, come home!_ he thought.

[Amber (Zarsha) Wrote:] "Thank you." Zarsha replied, and followed Selenae into the cave looking back to make sure Astarta was following. She placed a hand under her cloak to comfort Valis, who was still a little shaken and hiding there from the strangers.

[Lindsay (Selenae) Wrote:] Glancing back to make sure her charges were alright, Selenae whisked down the legnth of the cavern with obvious relief. Almost immediatly, a burst of electrical energy washed over the three. Selenae winced again and increased her pace so that the other two could barely keep up.

***Amber Add in: Zarsha all but flew to try and keep up with Selenae _Dragons sure can move fast with those strong legs,_ Zarsha thought to herself and then went back to concentrating on keeping up. *End Add in

Breathing hard, Selenae once again checked to make sure everyone was still there . . . and slowed her pace somewhat. "I'm sorry if that was difficult for you . . . I'm a stone dragon," she explained, as though that answered all their questions.

Not waiting for a reply, Selenae whisked around yet another dusty corner, coming upon a burled walnut door set in amongst the heavy masonry. From the door wisped the faintest hints of cooking meat and the sound of racous flute playing. Smiling broadly, she pulled open the door. "Welcome to the FireStone weyre meeting hall, Zarsha . . . Silverthorne should be somewhere around here." Bustling about happily, Selenae went through the gigantic door and turned, waiting patiently for the others to follow.

[Amber (Zarsha) Wrote:] Zarsha paused a long while and looked up at Astarta she licked her lips nervously then proceeded towards Selenae _What if . . . what if someone in there recognizes me, I hope . . . I hope Selenae has a good heart and won't throw me out in the storm if she finds I'm a thief and, and a murderous bounty hunter . . . that's what I am aren't I, a bounty hunter that will kill anyone for a price." She tossed the thought of being a killer out of her mind _I'm being silly,_ she thought again.

Zarsha set Valis down so he didn't need to enter a room full of people. "I'll be back soon Valis," she said, making her way towards Selenae. Valis hurried off and hid quickly.

Starbright Weyre: Hello?

[Falconwind Wrote:] A black winged horse trots out of the shadows and stops in front of the entrance to StarBright Weyre. She whinnies softly and sends out a telepathic message to her pets. *Well, here we are. StarBright Weyre. Is everyone with me? Frakir, Odin, Isis, Sharinya, Jhanlin, Daedalus?* The fyrelizards, Frakir and Odin, send back dual messages of excitement and happiness.

The wolves look a bit uneasy about having to enter a place filled with dragons and other dangerous animals, but she soothes them with another telepathic message. *It's not as bad as out here, surrounded by Chak and Oki and all the rest!* The Iko Lai just sits at her feet and radiates contentment, as does the Shaffria curled up on her left wing.

She casts a small spell to louden her voice and and looks at the entrance of the weyre. "Hello? I am Falconwind, and I'd like to come in and join the weyre? Maybe meet some people?" She broadcasts the same message telepathically and waits for an answer.

[Sunfire Earthenwing Wrote:] "Hello!" calls a voice from inside the weyre. A large shape comes out of the darkness. It's a dragon, much larger than regular Raiu dragons. She's gold, and a grey shafria with gold wings sits on her shoulder. "You must be Falconwind. I'm Sunfire Earthenwing." she glances quickly at the animals and guesters to the entrance. "Please come in."

[Falconwind Wrote:] Falconwind grins when Sunfire glances at all of her pets. "Thank you, Sunfire. I hope you don't mind all of my pets, they just...added up...on my travels. Is it alright if I join the weyre? I need a place to settle down. I can't keep wandering forever, though it would be fun..." She 'paths to her pets, and the shaffria and the two fyrelizards settle on her shoulders while the Iko Lai and the two wolves follow to either side as she approaches the entrance. When she gets inside, she looks around, her hooves echoing on the stone (BTW, is it stone? Or is it something else?) flooring. "How big is this place, anyway? I heard that it was new, but I see a fair number of people..." She scratches the fyrelizards on the eyeridges with a spell absently, since they seem to be rather agitated by all the dragons. The wolves don't seem too happy either, ears laid back and hackles starting to rise. *Calm down, Daedalus. Calm down, Isis. You're not in danger. I promise!* They look a little more relaxed after that. but still wary.

[Sunfire Earthenwing Wrote:] "Oh, I don't mind the animals. I just don't see how one person can manage to maintain so many *g*. I think StarBright is a well sized weyre, though I'm not sure how big it is. I'm kinda new here too. Oh, and there are a few other people you should meet before you get settled. One of them is a pheldagriff (thats a winged horse), and the other is a fellow dragon."

She leads down a hallway turn. Basically standing around talking is a black and white cow sploched dragon, a wolf, and the pheldagriff.

"This," says Sunfire, guestering to the dragon "Is StarFlash." the black and white dragon grins and bows. "The pheldagriff is Shardra," at this the red creature nodds in acknolagement (my messed up word for the day. Sound it out.)

The wolf near them shuffles uncomfortable near the other pets. StarFlash pets him and turns back to FalconWind.

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